Many thanks to everyone who came out to our community meeting on June 19! Detailed meeting notes are here, for anyone who wasn’t able to attend.

How To Voice Your Support

  1. Sign the petition

  2. Attend a meeting at city hall
    There will be a public hearing on whether 770 Woolsey should be officially designated an Historic Landmark on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 17, 2019 in City Hall, Room 400. We need everyone possible to come to testify about the significance of 770 Woolsey to the Portola neighborhood, to your family, and to the entire City.

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  3. Send a letter to the SF Planning Department urging them to designate 770 Woolsey an official Historic Landmark. We are collecting letters from individuals and groups to submit to the Commissioners who are considering our application.

    Send an email to explaining why you believe the University Mound greenhouses at 770 Woolsey deserve recognition as a piece of SF history and we’ll deliver it for you.

    SAMPLE EMAIL TEXT—Just cut-and-paste into your email

    Dear Commissioners,

    I support the designation of 770 Woolsey as a San Francisco Historic Landmark. As the last of what used to be 21 such greenhouses, this property has importance to me, my family, the Portola neighborhood, and the whole city.

    The greenhouses at 770 Woolsey are particularly special to me because… [add your message here]

    The Southeast neighborhoods are significantly underrepresented in the city’s Historic Landmark designations—the contributions of the Portola District to San Francisco history deserve to be recognized, too.

    I urge you to designate this unique property a San Francisco Historic Landmark.

    Thank you!


    your name

  4. Join or volunteer with Friends of 770 Woolsey
    We’d love to have additional folks working with us!

    If you're interested in joining us in a more hands-on way, please email

  5. Get on our mailing list
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