Thriving farm modeling environmentally sustainable food production in an urban setting

Educational hub where neighbors, visitors and children learn about gardening, sustainable urban farming, and healthy food

Community meeting place that increases access to healthy produce and generates local jobs and training opportunities

Tribute to the long history of urban agriculture and family gardening in the Portola

Enact the Portola Green Plan that was created by a diverse group of Portola neighbors with input from hundreds of local residents


Our partners, The Greenhouse Project, hired SiteLab Urban Studio to conduct a feasibility study evaluating whether a commercial urban farm at 770 Woolsey could be sustainable. Through extensive research on 24 urban agriculture models from around the country, they created several distinct design scenarios ranging in levels of monetary investment and potential revenue from farm production and event space rental. The study found that no matter what size operation was proposed, all were financially feasible.

executive summary screen grab.png